Det sner her. Hvad?

I didn’t know how to start this post and express how I’m feeling, so I’ll give it to you in meme form:

Everyone:  It barely ever snows in Denmark don’t be disappointed

Denmark: Hold my beer

I can’t even deal with how wrong my weather assumptions were for this country. I thought I would always feel cold, that it would rain all the time and that it would never snow. BOY WAS EVERYONE WRONG. It has snowed A LOT here (the last two days, ironically the last days of winter, have left me wondering if I’m in the right country) and I’ve seen rain once. I feel really bad for the Australian students that came last year because apparently it didn’t snow and they had a cold and rainy summer. I’ve kept this fact in mind and spent all my spare time playing in the snow with my Danish friends (who are just as excited as me). It is Spring tomorrow and I’m hoping soon we will get a bit warmer weather because this is a bit much to deal with in everyday life (ie waLKING HOME IN THE DARK WITH SNOW PELTING INTO YOUR EYES). @ Finland, Norway and Switzerland (can we refer to each other by country now? I’m Denmark 1 Mikaela you’re Denmark 2 (don’t fight me on this Mikaela I’m older)) I GET IT IT SNOWS A LOT MORE WHERE YOU ARE BUT OUR LITTLE DANISH HEARTS JUST AREN’T USED TO IT OKAY.

As well as this I’ve had a bit of a life changing roadblock, but that’s a story for another blog post.





So lucky to see all that snow! Such great opportunities for photos. Enjoy!!


It snowed when I was there too. Left Melbourne in 43 degrees, arrived in DK with summer clothes and 30cm of snow!! We had a LOT of snow when I was there. My trousers always felt wet!


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