9 days left

Only 9 days left!!! I honestly don’t know what to think. Since my last post I was contacted by my host club in Denmark and found out that I will be sponsored by the Nørre Alslev Club on the island of Falster. I will have one two week family who will help me get important things such as my national identification number and bank account, and then I will have 4 normal 3 month families. I was lucky enough during December to meet my third host family as we happened to both be on holidays in Brisbane. They were so kind and tall and blonde. We went to dinner and talked for four hours about anything and everything Denmark. The family on the night included my host mum Lisbeth, host dad Torben and host brothers Jonas, Magnus and Markus. Also there was Henrik who is Lisbeths’ Australian cousin. He lives in Brisbane.

On Saturday I will be attending my last briefing day, which I cant wait for.


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