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Det sner her. Hvad?

I didn’t know how to start this post and express how I’m feeling, so I’ll give it to you in meme form: Everyone:  It barely ever snows in Denmark don’t be disappointed Denmark: Hold my beer I can’t even deal with how wrong my weather assumptions were for this country. I thought I would always… Read more »

25 Tips for Pre-Exchange Students

DISCLAIMER; ALL DISTRICTS AND EXCHANGES ARE DIFFERENT! THIS IS JUST A ROUGH OUTLINE! @ THE ONE PERSON WHO GOES FROM 9685 TO DENMARK THESE ARE LIKE THE 10 COMMANDMENTS THOUGH! JUST SAYING!   PRE-EXCHANGE   Advice for to-be Rotary Youth Exchange Students, in a rough order of occurrence:   Talk to your parents before applying,… Read more »

She’s Alive

So! I have finally had time to sit down and write this blog entry. The last two weeks have been the busiest and most tiring weeks of my life, but I’ll try and put in as much detail as possible.   If I’m being completely honest, the first 14 hours of my exchange weren’t that… Read more »