Two days after I got back from Frankfurt I travelled with my host family to Romania for a week. Being able to hang out with them and just driving around the Romanian countryside was such a great way to spend my last week with them before I switched familys, and I’m so thankful that they… Read more »


On the 19th of July I took a (rotary approved) solo trip to Frankfurt to visit Tom for a week, who is exchanging there from the 9685 district. I had a lot of fun, and got to see some great things and met some amazing people. So happy we got to spend our 6 month… Read more »

Nyt Hjem

Over a month since my last post, sorry! I’ve just found my self being so distracted by everything around me it’s hard to remember sometimes. But a lot has happened since I last posted. For one, I have moved in with my new host family, and they are a dream. The family that is living… Read more »

Trip to Gedser

In this last month I drove with my host mother to visit the most southern part of Denmark, which is found at the bottom of my island Falster about 20 minutes from my town. I got to watch the ferry that goes from Denmark to Germany go back and forth (it’s a quick 2 hour… Read more »

25 Tips for Pre-Exchange Parents

25 TIPS FOR PRE-EXCHANGE PARENTS   Inspired by my daughter’s humorous – albeit very slightly irreverent – blog post on 25 tips for students considering applying for Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), I thought it may be helpful to provide the parent’s perspective of the process and the first month they are away. So here goes:… Read more »

Det sner her. Hvad?

I didn’t know how to start this post and express how I’m feeling, so I’ll give it to you in meme form: Everyone:  It barely ever snows in Denmark don’t be disappointed Denmark: Hold my beer I can’t even deal with how wrong my weather assumptions were for this country. I thought I would always… Read more »

25 Tips for Pre-Exchange Students

DISCLAIMER; ALL DISTRICTS AND EXCHANGES ARE DIFFERENT! THIS IS JUST A ROUGH OUTLINE! @ THE ONE PERSON WHO GOES FROM 9685 TO DENMARK THESE ARE LIKE THE 10 COMMANDMENTS THOUGH! JUST SAYING!   PRE-EXCHANGE   Advice for to-be Rotary Youth Exchange Students, in a rough order of occurrence:   Talk to your parents before applying,… Read more »

She’s Alive

So! I have finally had time to sit down and write this blog entry. The last two weeks have been the busiest and most tiring weeks of my life, but I’ll try and put in as much detail as possible.   If I’m being completely honest, the first 14 hours of my exchange weren’t that… Read more »

9 days left

Only 9 days left!!! I honestly don’t know what to think. Since my last post I was contacted by my host club in Denmark and found out that I will be sponsored by the Nørre Alslev Club on the island of Falster. I will have one two week family who will help me get important… Read more »